Javier Martínez Bueno

Javier Martinez Bueno started studying at Granada University’s Faculty of Librarianship and Documentation but he then switched to his passion, photography, studying at Valencia School of Art and the EFTI International Centre for Photography & Cinema. He then went on to do a master’s degree at EFTI in fashion and advertising photography and signature photography, where he learnt from artists like Chema Madoz, Cristina García Rodero and Alberto García Alix. He works in Madrid, specializing in fashion and travel photography for Mothercare and for magazines like Yo Dona, Trip, Woman and Mujer Hoy. He won first prize in the Pilar Citoler Award and ‘Generaciones’ Caja Madrid Award and was a finalist for the Purificación García Award.  His work has been shown at international trade fairs like Next Chicago, and at galleries like Carmen de la Calle in Valencia and SKL in Palma. For five years, he was the exhibition coordinator and manager of the ‘Hospital del Rey’ Modern Art Centre in the city of his birth, Melilla.