Juan Carlos Batista

Enjoys moving between the surreal and the conceptual. And, we might also add a few more aspects: appropriationism, irony and black humour. As for the textual, my work would orbit the deception and the erratic drifting of mankind. Recurrent themes which are no guarantee of anything.

Amongst his most recent exhibitions it would be necessary to highlight Carne triste/Sad flesh in Casal Solleric. One year earlier, Juan Carlos had a show Tiempo es de que sea tiempo/Time is that it is time in the N2 Gallery in Barcelona and another show, La trinchera errante/The wandering trench in the Sala El Aljibe CIC El Almacén in Lanzarote. The solo project entitled Realidad casi humo/Reality almost smoke was shown in Centro de Arte La Regenta Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and in the Juan Ismael Centre in Fuerteventura in 2017 and then in the TEA (Tenerife espacio de las Artes) the year before. In the year 2013 he had a solo show in Artizar Gallery entitled “Crónicas adulteradas/Adulterated Chronicles”. El paisaje amnésico/Amnesic landscapes was held in the Nieves Fernández Gallery and included in the festival photoespaña off in 2012. In 2011 in the Espacio Canarias in Madrid, he presented the photographic series “Románticos y realistas” (2008-2010). In 2007 “El animal inconsolable/The inconsolable animal”, Sala de Arte Contemporáneo de Santa Cruz de Tenerife. “La mémoire inventée, in the art gallery of Fnac de Nancy, France in 2005. In 2004 J:-C exhibited the series “Made of sterner stuff” 1997-2004 in the Glass Art Gallery Simone during the photography festival Mesiac Fotografie Bratislava (Slovakian Republic).

The series “patología de Guerras/War pathologies” is shown for the first time in the Centro de Fotografía de Tenerife in the year 2002, and is presented the following year in the CAAM, Sala San Antonio Abad in las Palmas de Gran Canarias, and that same year travels to New York to the Martinez Gallery, curated by Antonio Zaya. In the year 2003 he also holds a solo show of wooden sculptures in the Artizar Gallery.