Marco Prieto

Marco Prieto first started to paint as a young child, but it was not until he was twelve that he realized he wanted to be an artist. He graduated in Fine Art from Madrid’s Complutense University in 2014. That same year, he began to work on personal art projects at Espacio PROA, an art studio shared with other artists of his generation. He has also curated exhibitions and worked on stage design and theatre props and costumes.

He uses painting to explore the issue of artists’ hegemonic identities, replacing the personal gesture of a brushstroke with the primitive, violent, crosscutting human gesture of a blow. Marco transcends romantic relations with portraits by radicalizing and transposing these relations to a war zone. By bringing violence and its ensuing unpredictability to painting, he smashes through the confines of the specific, pushing back the boundaries and questioning personalization and control as means of identification. He seeks the powerful presence that underlies individualistic maelstroms, one which appeals essentially to the spectator’s human condition.

Marco has completed artist-in-residence programmes in Alicante (A Quemarropa), Galicia (Espacio Matrioska) and Holland (Art House Holland). Solo exhibitions of his work have been held in Madrid (Despliegue Gallery) and Cadiz (Alfonso X El Sabio Cultural Centre) and he has taken part in joint exhibitions in Holland, Italy and Cuba and, nationally, in Mallorca (LAVA), Madrid (White Lab, La Juan Gallery) and Alicante (Final Exhibition at A Quemarropa). His work has also been shown at festivals like SanFest (Guadalajara, 2016), FEESTeen IV Young Culture Festival (Madrid, 2016) and Se Alquila Margen (Madrid, 2016)

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