Abraham Calero

Abraham Calero was born in Madrid in 1976.

Marine scientist, environmental technician and multidisciplinary photographer, it is this training that owes its roots to the scientific method, research and experimentation, rigor, patience, commitment and perspective.

He has done photographic work for important international fashion companies (Prenatal, KMAS, Victorio & Lucchino, Lenzing, Estudio Gloria Jover, Zendium, Hilados de España, etc.) and published in fashion, diving, architecture, environment and specialized press magazines (Four Seasons, Neo2, Casa Viva, Katia, PURE HAUTE, CURADOR, Encanal, Divers, Deep Diving, BuceoXXI, Fishing Walk, La Razón, Brisas (Last minute), “Ambienta”, etc.).

He is the author of the photographs in the commemorative book of the exhibition “20 icons of the 20th century” edited by the Ars Nova foundation and curated by Pedro Mansilla. And of the covers of the books “Lo que se de ti”, “The secret of the flamingos” edited by Ediciones Destino and “metallic blue” and “stories of love and death” edited by Moixonia.

Between September 2013 and March 2014 he participated in the initiative “cliniques d’ Es Baluard ”at the Museum of Modern and Contemporary art in Palma.

Abraham Calero – CV

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