Albert Pinya

Albert Pinya was born in Palma de Mallorca in 1985.

Difficult artist to classify. Painter, sculptor, muralist, illustrator, designer… He even practices curatorial practice. Rabidly contemporary, transversal and versatile.

One of the lines of research, within his artistic practice, focuses on the study of the decline and evolution of painting itself and its corresponding variations, limitations (if it has any) and possibilities. Like a kind of installation painting where there is no longer just a single protagonist surface. Rather, different games and connections are established between what happens inside and outside the frame, between architecture and space and even painting is transformed into a three-dimensional object and declines towards sculpture.

Like the poetry of inexperience, the intention is none other than the constant search for new unknowns to be solved and new paradigms to discover. Always with an eye toward the future, the unknown and the uncertain as the principle of the possible. Fleeing from concepts such as the permanent and the static.

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