Kepa Garraza

Kepa Garraza was born in Berango, Vizcaya in 1979.

He began his exhibition career in 2004 by winning different prizes and grants that allowed him to produce and show his works in different national and international circuits. Since then he has exhibited individually in art galleries in Madrid, Bilbao, Dusseldorf, Rotterdam, Beijing or New York. Also, he has exhibited in different art institutions and museums worldwide. In addition to Spanish and international private collections, his work is present in the public collections of Artium Museum, the Community of Madrid or the Contemporary Art Collection of the Patio Herreriano Museum.

The work of Garraza represents scenes of an apocalyptic, abusive, disrespectful future. A future as a negative utopia, loss of control of the situation and reason and rebellion uncontrolled. He uses strong images as a critical warning about our future and its possibilities. With a particular emphasis on the irrational component, but also on those alternative points of view to the dominant view in a world increasingly multiculturalized and globalized.

Through imaginary scenarios that recreate a parallel reality, the artist invites the viewer to reflect on issues such as the self-identity or the manipulation of information. His ironic visions offer alternative points of view on reality and on the processes of legitimation of power. His works offers parallel views on the reality we know and gives us the opportunity of doing a healthy exercise: always be suspicious of the official version.

Kepa Garraza – CV