Rafa Bernat

Rafa Bernat (Palma 1965)

Painter and draftsman from Majorca (También se podría decir He is a Majorcan painter and draftsman) who currently lives between his native city and Madrid. His introspective work shows that he is passionate about the use of the line and the various plastic languages.
Drawing is an expression more similar to poetry because of its immediacy and therefore more suitable for representing feelings and emotions. Painting is more like prose. The transit of the mind to the canvas suffers the inevitable alterations of the execution time.
He is interested in the relationship between drawing and painting, continuously searching for a language that combines the achievements of both expression forms. The characters in his drawings tell amazing stories and reveal a complex inner world, dominated by the force of the line and sometimes the burst of color. In Madrid he collaborates with designers and art directors in various fashion projects and television series.

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