Hi, my name’s George Kaplan and I’m an idea hunter. In Hitchcock’s film, North by Northwest (1959), I was pursued non-stop by car, train and light aircraft and almost caught by the baddies. It all ended well though.I fell in love with the blond, and decided to turn to other things. Now I’m the hunter – seeking out ideas and people, and taking advantage of the best of each of them in the creation of global creative projects.




Mercedes Estarellas is the alma mater of Kaplan Projects, thanks to her 20 years’ experience, partly dedicated to disseminating the work of professionals from the worlds of design, architecture, music, dance, fashion and, in particular, the plastic arts.

Her main mission at Kaplan Projects is to select and disseminate examples of today’s contemporary art. She seeks out talent at an international level, looking for artists with something to say, who do so in a particularly poetic way, with special attention to zero-kilometre creators. At the exhibitions held by Kaplan Projects, Mercedes Estarellas offers us an insight into the reflections of these artists, making us reconsider some of society’s current burning issues.

Kaplan Projects is a catalyst for ideas, transforming them into curated projects that offer a broader more comprehensive vision of today’s visual arts.

Finding the first item for a collection or simply getting it right when buying a work of art, whether it is at a private or corporate level, is closely dependent on the client’s personality or the company’s corporate philosophy.

At Kaplan Projects, we guide you in your decision, whatever your budget. We work as curators, together with designers, architects, landscape designers and other professionals, to help boost the performance of companies and workplaces by improving their immediate environments. 

Kaplan Projects is conceived to act as a dynamic shared space in a constant state of change, bringing those with keen interest in creativity into contact with key stakeholders and creators from the contemporary art scene.

At Kaplan, real life is the protagonist of the exhibitions that are held there. The artwork on display is created as part of a project with some kind of conceptual link or leitmotif, offering an opportunity for theory, debate, purchases and pure enjoyment of art.

All the exhibitions combine a cross-cutting range of disciplines in a fusion of art, design, printed series and originals.  In the real physical spaces they combine to form, dialogue is sparked off among the work on show, giving rise to interesting reflections.