The Thought I Live In


The Thought I Live In is a collective show of work by four artists, with drawings by Rafa Bernat (Palma, 1965), small oil paintings by Santiago Palenzuela (Tenerife, 1967), wooden sculptures by Marcos Vidal (Vitoria Gasteiz, 1967), and large paintings on canvas by Luís Alfonso Villalobos (Lagos de Moreno, Mexico, 1972).

“Almost all the artists I know go round and round in circles, revolving around their own selves.”
Omar Pascual Castillo.

A self-portrait, a makeshift table with a bottle, a knocked-over cup, a view of comfortable interiors, and a dangerous outdoor panorama that threatens to put an end to the order of its unrule. The four artists whose work is presented here have, in some way, rejected the cliché of the modern art world with which all artists are theoretically expected to concur. Their work is physically steeped in intimate aspects of them. Using classic techniques, the four artists redefine classicism, revealing the image of an introverted, passionate artist who is a slave to his thoughts. They feel safe outside mundane everyday worlds and they seek comfort in their own individual natures. The sincerity of Rafa Bernat’s drawings, the coarseness of Marco Vidal’s sculptures, the small yet profound rooms by Santiago Palenzuela, and the tempestuous yet minute paintings by Luís Alfonso Villalobos all await us. The antihero is reflected in the mirror, disclosed through an inner landscape.

Mercedes Estarellas

#El pensamiento que habito


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